Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Welcome to my blog!

So some of you may be wondering... what is a DIY high? Well in my opinion just the magic and thrill of creating something, anything really. My name is Ashlee and I am an avid crafter, baker and jewelry maker. On my blog you will be able to follow my journey of success, failures and everything in between. I will be experimenting with new recipes and projects hopefully every day or as frequently as possible. You will see the occasional video tutorial on simple beading or wire projects. I am also currently in the process of creating my own etsy shop (more info coming soon!) You can follow me on Instagram: @ashleetaylor28 or on pinterest with the username ashleetaylor28 As this is only my first, please look forward to some more exciting posts with pictures to come! 

Well that's all for now!

Ashlee <3