Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review: Beazu Beading Wire

For today's post I decided that I would do a review, since time did not permit to do a project :( Anyways today I've got a review to do on my all-time favorite beading wire! The wire is the 22 gauge (which is the most common gauge for wire work, for those who don't know) or 0.6mm, though gauge is the preferred term. It's silver plated wire with a copper core. 1 package of 10 metres of wire retails for $6.50 at my local bead supply store. However the price may vary throughout stores.  Unfortunately I was unable to find the price online as you have to actually own a store to view the prices.

On to the product itself. One of the main reasons that I love this wire is the fact that it's not too spring-loaded. Some of the beading wires that I've boughten have been super spring-loaded, therefore making it difficult to wrap. It is of course somewhat spring-loaded as is almost all types of wire out there. Another nice part about the wire is that unlike some it doesn't rust. One of the problems with silver  plated wire can be that a) the silver can rust when it becomes wet and/or b) the beautiful, shiny silver coating on your wire can, after a certain amount of time wear off and expose the not so shiny and beautiful copper underneath it.

I've been using this wire for all of my beading projects for about 2 years now and have been absolutely in love with it! The only other gauge I've tried so far is the 26 gauge which is just slightly thinner but delivers the same excellent quality every time. I would highly recommend this wire to any and all beaders, especially beginners. This is a fool proof, never fail brand for me and I will continue to use it as long as I'm beading/wire working!

Hope you enjoyed my first review!

Ashlee <3